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Sechelt encourages all qualified persons and / or businesses to submit a bid for any advertised opportunity. 

Current tender, quotation and proposal opportunities are listed below and many are also advertised on the BC Bid website.


Solicitation Results

The results of the District's 2018 opportunities are located here.

Tenders and Proposals

RFP 2018-27 Biosolids Processing



***** AMENDMENT # 1 2018-09-20  Added Addendum # 1 - Replaced of Material Content within Biosolids Table *****




The District of Sechelt (the “District”) is requesting Proposals for transporting, receiving and processing of “Class B” biosolids waste (“biosolids”) from the Water Resource Centre (“WRC”) located at 5678 Surf Circle, Sechelt, BC. Biosolids are wastewater treatment residuals that contain nutrient and organic matter that once properly composted can be used as fertilizer and soil amendment.

This RFP is being issued electronically through BC Bid (www.bcbid.gov.bc.ca), CivicInfo BC (www.civicInfo.bc.ca) and the District’s website (www.sechelt.ca). 

2018-26 Sechelt AeroDrome Land Lease and Development



District of Sechelt

Request for Proposal #2018-26

Sechelt Aerodrome: Land Lease & Development



Addendum # 2 09-21-2018 – Added Addendum #2 - Replacement of Page Two in the RFP in its Entirety



Addendum # 1 09-11-2018 – Added Addendum #1 - Appendix – Runway Design, Associated Engineering 2010



The District of Sechelt (the “District”) is accepting detailed aviation-related Proposals for the long-term lease and development of unserviced land at the Sunshine Coast Regional Airport located at the intersection of Field Road and Hilltop Road in Sechelt, British Columbia (“BC”).