Budget Information

The District of Sechelt has begun the 2019 Budget process. The Community Charter requires that local governments approve a Five Year Financial Plan bylaw each year prior to the adoption of the annual property tax bylaw.  The Financial Plan is also commonly referred to as “The Budget”. This is a draft because nothing has been decided yet. We are waiting for input from YOU.

Be informed

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Have Your Say Budget 1

EMAIL: haveyoursay@sechelt.ca

or, connect with us by filling out the form on this page. 

ATTEND/WATCH: e-Town Hall on January 17th, 2019 - 7 pm - Community meeting room in the Municipal Hall/Library building. 

Livestreamed to You Tube so if you can watch from home and if you have questions during the meeting you can tweet them to us using #secheltbudget. 

LIVE PARTICIPATION: Submit your questions to the live meeting before or during the meeting through this submission form

SUBMIT:  Did you make some notes on the District Programs - Activities and Expenses document? Feel free to drop it off in our mailbox outside the main doors or drop it at our reception desk. 

SOCIAL: Tweet us at #secheltbudget or comment on our Facebook page. 


To help understand the big picture we made you some pie. 

expenses by function pie

revenue source pie

The bottom line

A possible tax increase of $171 per year for the average residential property. Plus $20 per year increase in the sewer user fee. 

tax increase per household

What's changed? 

This list is what is different in 2019 compared to 2018. Some of these things we can't control like utility rates but some we can, like additional staff. This is a proposed list. 

tax increase