Development Permits

What is a Development Permit (DP)?

A Development Permit outlines conditions or design requirements for certain types of development. Development Permit Areas are outlined in the Official Community Plan. There are two main types of Development Permits:

• An environmental Development Permit outlines requirements for protection of the environment (creek habitat) or requirements to deal with natural hazards (flooding, slope instability). 

• A form and character Development Permit outlines design requirements for new construction (except for regular single family construction).

Please review the Applications Guide and Guidelines for the Preperation of Geotechnical Reports for more information.

Development Permit Requirements and Guidelines

For each Development Permit Area, the Official Community Plan has a set of requirements and guidelines. Please contact the Planning and Development department to discuss how the requirements apply to your project before making an application.

Environmental DP Areas:

• DPA 1 Gravel Pit Areas
• DPA 2 Watercourses (Habitat Protection and Creek Hazards)
• DPA 3 Marine, Foreshore and Shoreline Areas
• DPA 4 Rocky beach front / escarpment, Rockfall and Upland Slope Hazards
• DPA 5 Steep Slopes (any slopes > 20%)

Form and Character DP Areas:

• DPA 6 Downtown Sechelt (in land use designation Downtown Centre)
• DPA 7 Multiple Family Residential (more than 3 units, for multifamily designated or zoned lands)
• DPA 8 Intensive Residential and Infill Housing
• DPA 9 Commercial Areas
• DPA 10 Business and Industry
• DPA 11 Mixed Residential/Commercial Neighbourhood

Environmental Development Permit Area Maps

Schedules D1, D2, D3 and E1, E2, E3 in the Official Community Plan outline where the environmental Development Permit Areas are located.

• D-1 (West Sechelt)
• D-2 (East Porpoise Bay, Sandy Hook, Tuwanek)
• D-3 (Selma Park, Davis Bay, Wilson Creek)
• E-1 (West Sechelt)
• E-2 (East Porpoise Bay, Sandy Hook, Tuwanek)
• E-3 (Selma Park, Davis Bay, Wilson Creek)


Form and Character Development Permit Area Maps
Form and character Development Permits are tied to certain future land use designations. Schedules C1, C2 and C3 in the Official Community Plan outline where the form and character Development Permit Areas are located.


• C-1 (West Sechelt)
• C-2 (East Porpoise Bay/Sandy Hook/Tuwanek)
• C-3 (Selma Park, Davis Bay, Wilson Creek