Parks and Streetscapes

All Park uses and events in the District of Sechelt are governed by the Parks Bylaw No. 116 and Parks, Lands and Roads Temporary Rental Bylaw No. 480, 2008.  Park information is available in the Parks Location MapParks Amenities Table, and Parks Booklet.


  1. Ambulance Station Gardens
  2. Aquatic Center Grounds
  3. Arts Center Lawn
  4. Boulevards Street Trees
  5. Cowrie Street Planters, Pocket Gardens and Tree Wells
  6. Fairway & Gale Ave N Streetscape
  7. Inlet & Cowrie Pocket Gardens
  8. Inlet & Teredo 5974 Inlet Ave
  9. Inlet and Dolphin Tree Wells
  10. Inlet Rotunda
  11. Justice Service Building Grounds
  12. Kirkland Center Grounds
  13. Municipal Hall/Library Grounds
  14. NWBR & Nickerson Streetscape
  15. Palmero’s Streetscape
  16. Porpoise Bay Dock Streetscapes
  17. RCMP Grounds
  18. Robertson Property Grounds
  19. Seaside Center Grounds
  20. Sechelt Marsh Streetscape
  21. Shorncliffe Streetscapes
  22. Shoppers Express GardenBeds
  23. Seawatch Traffic Circle
  24. Teredo Hedge 5700 Block South Side
  25. Tyler Heights Boulevard 5600 Block North side
  26. Water Resource Center Grounds
  27. Wharf & Dolphin Garden Beds
  28. Welcome to Sechelt Signs


Brookman Park (4574 Sunshine Coast Highway)
Swings ( Children and Tot); Slide; Spring Toy (1)

Creekside Park (5661 Creekside Park)
See-Saw; Swings; Slide; Spring Toy (1)

Friendship Park (5482 Wharf Road)
Accessible; Composite Playstructure; Swings; Swing (Tot); Climbing Structure

Hackett Park (5755 Medusa Street)
Composite Playstructure; See-Saw; Swings (2 sets); Swing (Tot); Slide; Spring Toy (2)

Kinnikinnick Park  (6200 Ripple Way)
Swings ( Children and Tot); Slide; Spring Toy (1)

Les Way Park  (5030 Bay Road)
Composite Playstructure;  Swings

Picadilly Park  (6345 Jasper Road)
Multi Play station; Twister slide, Bubble Climber, Handi-hold climber, Accessible Swing set, Maze wheel, Tall tube.

Sandy Hook Park (6009 Ark Road)
Composite Playstructure;  Swings

Tot Park (5916 Skookumchuk Road)
Swings; Slide; Spring Toy (1)

Tyler Heights Park (6209 Tyler Road)
Dual slide, Digger, See-saw

Porpoise Bay Provincial Park

Sechelt Parks

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ParkSorted By Park In Ascending OrderAddressNeighbourhoodPlaygroundOff-LeashInfo SheetMap
Acacia/Cenotaph5499 Wharf AvenueVillageNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Brookman Park4574 Sunshine Coast HighwayDavis BayYesYesPark Info SheetMap
Burnett Falls Park5332 Burnett RoadEast Porpoise BayNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Cascade Green5669 Cook PlaceWest SecheltNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Clayton Park5545 Clayton AvenueWest SecheltNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Creekside Park5661 Creekside ParkWest SecheltYesYesPark Info SheetMap
Davis Bay Waterfront4757 Sunshine Coast HighwayDavis BayNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Friendship Park5482 Wharf AvenueVillageYesNoPark Info SheetMap
Hackett Park5755 Medusa StreetVillageYesNoPark Info SheetMap
Heritage ForestSechelt Inlet RoadSandy HookNoYesPark Info SheetMap
Hidden GroveSechelt Inlet RoadSandy HookNoYesPark Info SheetMap
Kinnikinnick Park6200 Ripple WayWest Porpoise BayYesYesPark Info SheetMap
Legacy Park - The Ridge5757 Genni's WayWest Porpoise BayNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Les Way Park5030 Bay RoadDavis BayYesNoPark Info SheetMap
Lynnwood Park6505 Lynnwood CourtWest SecheltNoYesPark Info SheetMap
Mission Point Park4595 Sunshine Coast HwyDavis BayNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Osborne Park5750 Wharf AvenueVillageNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Picadilly Park6345 Jasper RoadWest SecheltYesNoPark Info SheetMap
Poise Island Park6094 Poise Island ParkWest Porpoise BayNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Porpoise Bay Provincial ParkSechelt Inlet RoadEast Porpoise BayYesNoPark Info SheetMap
Proctor Bike Park5638 Trail Avenue (Trail & Ebbtide)VillageNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Rockwood Lodge Gardens5511 Shorncliffe AvenueVillageNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Sandy Hook Park6009 Ark RoadSandy HookYesNoPark Info SheetMap
Sechelt Marsh5741 Wharf AvenueVillageNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Silverstone Beach Park6133 Sunshine Coast HighwayWest SecheltNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Skateboard Park5904 Cowrie StreetVillageNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Snickett Park5440 Shorncliffe AvenueVillageNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Spirit Square5790 Toredo StreetVillageNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Tot Park5916 Skookumchuk RoadSandy HookYesNoPark Info SheetMap
Trail Bay WaterfrontWharf Avenue and Ocean AvenueVillageNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Tuwanek Park7617 Sechelt Inlet RoadTuwanekNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Tyler Heights Park6209 Tyler RoadWest SecheltYesNoPark Info SheetMap
Wakefield Park6543 Sunshine Coast HighwayWest SecheltNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Walter Burtnick Park6201 Mika RoadWest SecheltNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Whitaker Park5123 Davis Bay RoadDavis BayNoNoPark Info SheetMap
Yew Park5442 Yew RoadEast Porpoise BayNoNoPark Info SheetMap